I know you dread me, this person with a camera, who always seems to show up in your life at least once a year to take photos of your family. Your wife probably gets a little obsessed with how everyone looks and tries to have matching, coordinated outfits and happy, smiling children for that PERFECT family photo that you can mail to all of your distant relatives in your latest and greatest Christmas card or splash all over your Facebook page. Well I am here to tell you that I am different. {I can see you rolling your eyes} but hear me out. I don’t want perfect. I don’t want matching clothes, in fact clothing is optional (for your kids at least!!). I want the mess, the mismatched socks that your toddler so adamantly wanted to put on himself. I want the real you. I want to tell the true story of who your family is right now, not what pinterest says your family should look like right now. Because you know what? None of that matters. Seeing your family in some pinterest fabricated picture is not what your memories are made of. You really do want to remember the everyday, how your toddler can’t seem to get a cheerio into his mouth at breakfast or how his independent soul insists on wearing different colored socks. Because you know what? The moments and phases are fleeting. Before you know it, that toddler is asking for your keys or off to college. Your life? It’s changing. Regardless of whether it feels like at a snail’s pace. One day in the not so distant future, you are going to wake up and your world will be different. And then what? Are you going to remember the everyday details of what you call your mundane, ordinary life? Probably not. And I would bet money that those ordinary days? They are the ones you are going to want to remember. So make the call, show my site to your wife, partner, or whomever means the most to you. I will be nothing more than another body in the room, you won’t even notice I am there. And your life? The one you call ordinary? Will be documented in a beautiful way forever. Mismatched socks, Cheerios and all.


I know life is busy, crazy busy at times. This stage of life? It’s so incredibly hard some days. Days and weeks and months of raising these little people or big people can be exhausting. I see you trying desperately to hold on to and enjoy the little moments with your children who seem to be growing at slow and incredible speeds all at the same time. You know you need to savor these years, take the pictures to put in your forgotten photo albums to remember these days but in the middle of the exhaustion and the chaos, who has time for that?


That’s where I come in. Every few months I document an entire day of my existence with my family. I have been doing this for years now, ever since I was introduced to this concept of “Day in the Life” sessions. From sun up to sun down I shoot my family, at the messy breakfast table, the getting out the door to school struggle, the quiet moments reading to my girls, the mornings of Strongstart, the after school meltdowns, all of it. And you know what? Those are the projects that I will look back on and cherish the most because my memory is spotty at the best of times and I am only 6 years into my motherhood journey. These little people who need me so much right now? They aren’t going to be little forever. I want to remember every single detail of our lives RIGHT NOW. The ordinary. The mundane. The spectacular. The challenging. The love. Because these years? They are fleeting. And before I know it, my littles will be big. And I will have a big old collection of photos and slideshows to remind me of these years of raising them. Even looking back on the past 3 years of doing Day in the Life sessions of my family, so much has changed. When I started, I had two kids, Zoe was still so fragile, Liam was still just barely 3 and now I have Molly, my old maiden name back and a new little miss from my new man about to join our family in November. These Day in the Life sessions? They are time capsules of the evolution of a family. I want you to look at theses images years from now and have them bring you back to that time. The sights. The smells. The noise. The LOVE. I hope you are grateful for the journey you have experienced, that looking back you will feel good about yourself and all that you accomplished. You survived the journey, and although life is not about reaching a destination it is about giving yourself grace in even the most challenging of times. These moments won’t last forever, phases come and go. So call me, message me and let’s make this happen.